This is BChain

A new decentralized peer to peer protocol


BChain is a new decentralized peer to peer protocol and app implementation which allows for sharing files anonymously, securely and privately. It is verified through a blockchain containing file metadata and members are automatically managed to distribute hosting and distribution of all available files through novel pseudo- random algorithms, circumventing censorship and spying in addition to networking to Tor.

what we do


BChain is verified through a blockchain containing file metadata


BChain is focused on management of peers in the network using hashed algorithms to pseudo-randomly distribute actions across peers for connections and distribution of files.


The network protocol is overlayed on top of Tor hidden services to reference peers by a unique connection ID unrelated to their actual IP, routed through the anonymous and encrypted network.

Our UI

We strive to have a simple yet informative user experience

A simple intuitive display that allows users to easily view, upload and download files in our secure network.

A dynamic bootstap splash screen that allows for easier search filtration.

Our Team

The minds behind BChain

Giang (Blockchain)

Giang was in charge of the blockchain implementation for this project.


Jonathan (Networking)

Jonathan was in charge of peer connections, file transfer, network protocol and general communication layers for BChain.


Jeffery (GUI)

Jeffery was in charge of the user interface, and he designed and created the layout, style and flow for the app.


Carlos (Protocol)

Carlos was in charge of the bootstrapping, discovery and file assignment protocols/algorithms.


Caleb (Framework)

Caleb handled the frontend framework, creating interactable elements from the UI to communicate with the backend logic.